Данный вебинар посвящен рассмотрению роли компьютеров в современном мире. Рассматривается история появления компьютеров и глобальные изменения в будущем, связанные с развитием цифровых технологий. Вебинар включает практику основной лексики на данную тему.

Примеры обсуждаемых вопросов:

What is the history of the computer?
Who invented the first computer?
Talk about the first computer you ever used?
Do you think the invention of computers improved our life?
Has the world changed with invention of computers?
When does the average person start using a computer?
Can your parents operate the computer?
Can computers be dangerous for your health?
Do you think people rely too much on computers?
What do you usually use the computer for?
Do you think that desktop computers are going to become less and less popular?
Do you think computers will be able to have intelligence to think for themselves?

и многое другое...

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