Данный вебинар посвящен теме гостиниц. Вебинар включает практику основной лексики на данную тему.

Примеры вопросов данного вебинара:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of staying at a hotel or a motel?
Describe your best and worst hotel experience.
What are the most well known chain hotels?
Have you ever used AirBnB (a couch surfing App)? What was your experience?
Are there many hotels where you live?
What do you look for when choosing a hotel?
What is your opinion on buffet-style breakfast and lunches?
Have you ever had to make a complaint at a hotel?
Have you ever turned up at a hotel and had a problem with double-booking or overbooking?
Have you ever got lost looking for a hotel or missed a flight and turned up really late at night?

и многое другое...

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