Данный вебинар посвящен теме денег и банковских операций. Рассматриваются роль и возможности современных банков, онлайн и мобильные приложения.

Вебинар включает практику основной лексики на данную тему.

Примеры вопросов данного вебинара:

What is the history of money?
How many banks are there in your country? What are the biggest banks?
Which bank do you bank at?
What is the difference between savings account and chequing accounts?
Do you have a credit card? What are advantages and disadvantages of having a credit card?
What are the best savings options: saving accounts or high risky investments?
What are the interest rates on different investment options?
Do you save money for your retirement?
Do banks insure funds that are kept in your account?
Do you use online and mobile banking?
What are your regular monthly expenses?
Do you think that in future there will be fewer and fewer branches?
Have you ever been a victim of online fraud?

и многое другое...

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