Данный вебинар посвящен теме ресторанов. Вебинар включает практику основной лексики на данную тему.

Примеры вопросов данного вебинара:

What is a restaurant and what is its origin?
How often and where do you usually eat out?
Describe different service models (fast food restaurants, cafeterias, mid-priced family restaurants, high-price establishments)
Which meals are served in restaurants?
What are the most famous restaurant chains do you know?
Describe types of restaurants depending on:
- food ( vegetarian, seafood etc.)
- cuisine ( e.g. Italian, Chinese, Japanese)
- style of offering ( e.g. sushi train, buffet)
- speed
- cost
Name a restaurant’s staff (proprietor, chefs waiting staff etc.)
Do you know how to order food in English?
How do you like your stake cooked?
What are the most popular salad dressings do you know?
What was your best/worst dining experience?

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